Thursday, 24 January 2013

redpoll and dunnock

A couple more visitors to our feeders,
The redpolls don't seem to stay long, may be the feeders are a bit too close to the house for them to feel confident, but we really enjoy the few glimpses we get.
The dunnocks on the other hand are around pretty much all year round, they don't feed from the feeders, we are more likely to see them hopping around in the hedge or under the feeders.






Friday, 18 January 2013

With the snow comes the birds!

Just a few of the birds that visited our feeders today - and there were so many waiting in the hedge for a feeding post to become free!

busy feeders, blue tit, great tit and goldfinch

long tailed tit and house sparrow

goldfinch, greenfinch and robin

Brambling and chaffinch

brambling and goldfinch

brambling and robin

chaffinch,goldfinch,  robin and brambling

blue tit, great tit and goldfinch
These were all taken through a double glazed window and it was still snowing. I didn't manage to get the redpoll either - hopefully they will return tomorrow.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Barn Owl

Not great pics I know but tonight we were visited by a barn owl,it has been a few weeks since we last saw one here and as always such a beautiful sight. made even more special by the snow that was falling too!
Amazingly a jogger ran across the icy common and alongside the barn owl while I was watching but he didn't seem to notice the owl at all, probably more concerned about the depth of water he kept landing in after crunching through the ice!