Sunday, 26 January 2014

Big Garden Bird Watch

Doesn't time fly! I cannot believe it has been a year since I was last stood at our bedroom window surveying our garden and bird feeders for the R.S.P.B.'s Big Garden Bird Watch but it has been and this morning we found ourselves doing exactly that, only instead of looking out over a lovely white wintry scene like last year, today we had wind and rain battering against our window which made it difficult spotting the birds let alone counting them, but we managed.
The results were slightly disappointing, but considering the weather it wasn't too bad, and as it has been so mild this winter we are still awaiting our first lesser redpoll, brambling and siskin for this winter and it was a big ask for them to make their first appearance during the hour!
So today's list reads as follows.

8 blue tits
4 great tits
3 blackbirds
2 robins
2 house sparrows
1 dunnock
11 long tailed tits
2 greenfinch
9 goldfinch
2 magpies
3 wood pigeons
4 chaffinch
1 coal tit
1 stock dove

Missing from the list, wren, nuthatch, sparrowhawk, collared dove, jackdaw, tree creeper, tree sparrows along with the wintering birds already mentioned