Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Feeding frenzy

Yesterday afternoon, our garden was bathed in warm sunshine for a short while which showed this heather off beautifully, one of the few plants in flower in my garden at the moment.

 Now our snowdrops are in full bloom too

and no it isn't snow that is sprinkled all over them, it is what has been left by our feathered friends.

Snow has been falling all afternoon today, it isn't settling yet but the birds are definitely stocking up, there must be at least 50 birds in the hedge and on the feeders.
( if you click on the pictures you will see them in more detail)

they just won't stay still long enough to photograph with my point and click.

We have great tit (one with no tail), blue tit, chaffinch (one with just one leg), greenfinch, goldfinch, robin, house sparrow and dunnock out there at the moment. and if you look carefully you can see some of our snowdrops too.


  1. Oh I do so love the view from your garden gate!

    It really felt like Spring yesterday, with warm sunshine and lots of birdsong, but today has been completely different with thick fog and snow. At least we've had a taste of things to come though :0)

    We have a pair of robins eyeing up an old teapot we placed amongst some ivy in a nook of our cherry tree - I do hope they decide to move in!