Thursday, 15 April 2010

Helibores and Hawthorn

I really enjoy Spring, so much to look at and enjoy, things that in a couple of weeks I will be taking for granted but at the moment are fresh and exciting. I saw my first swallows for 2010 on Sunday 11th April, later than usual and this morning I spent 5 minutes or so watching and listening to a chiffchaff on a walk home from village, I was so excited I had to phone Mr Smith so he could share in the moment, neither the swallows or chiffchaff  sightings were from my garden though, so I cannot include them on my bird list, maybe today will be the day.
I can, though, report that the hawthorn has started to flower and my helibores are again stunning, I only have a couple of groups, but they give such a lift to the back hedge.

My glorious helibores


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  1. Spring is special time I love it more than the
    summer. Its wonderful to get back out in to the garden and see all the new life.