Friday, 30 July 2010

How to make lavender bottles

When Mr S's parting comment this morning is 'this lavender is beginning to get in the way' it is my cue to do something about it.  I love having lavender edging our drive, it smells wonderful when a car brushes past it, but of course when it is has been raining and you are getting in or out of the car you end up wet! so it does need to be managed.

I could just pick it dry the flowers and make lavender bags, as well as have my bunches of lavender in vases around the house, I prefer to make lavender bottles and it is so easy, so I thought I would spend a few minutes showing you how.
First pick your lavender, as long as possible! Today was a good day to do this as the sun wasn't out so the stalks won't dry out too quickly, it is always best to make these first thing in the morning while stalks are still moist.

Arrange stalks of lavender into a neat bunch, I keep turning the bunch as I am adding a new the stalks. I also strip the stalks of any flowers or leaves below the main flower, this makes it easier later. You can vary the size of bunches I make one bottle with thirty stalks and then several with nine or ten.

Tie the lavender stalks together just below the flower head  using string our coloured thread. knot tightly.

Carefully bend the stalks back over the flower heads, arranging the stalks evenly and neatly to make a cage over the flowers.
Tie stalks together with ribbon

Cut the ends of the stalks evenly and leave to dry for a several days.

Once dry you can remove the string or thread from below heads    

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