Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Up close!

I have been making the most of this glorious weather, by doing a bit of tidying up in our back yard! As usual though I was easily distracted, this time it was a cheeky coal tit that was watching me from the hedge, so there I was watching it for a good few minutes thinking if I go inside for my camera it will fly away, so I eventually turned away from it to see on the ground right next to my feet as in centimetres away a tiny goldfinch, I guess it had flown into a window and was slightly stunned as it made no effort to fly away, just hopped around pecking at the seeds under the feeders. When I realised it wasn't going anywhere I decided to get my camera, I was so pleased that it stayed long enough for me to get these photo's before it finally flew off.

I then decided to hang around to see if my cheeky coal tit would make another appearance, it didn't disappoint.

coal tit


  1. Hi Angela. I am afraid that your Goldfinch may have succumbed to the fungal disease that is raging through them around the country. It apparently affects their ability to swallow - you may see them gulping and another symptom is a crustiness around the eyes, and of course the lethargy. I have this problem in my garden and went to the RSPB for advice. Funnily enough it doesn't seem to be affecting the other finches although no one knows why.

  2. Your bird photos are so beautiful!
    I tried to take photos of birds before... but found it quite difficult, as I know that they won`t stay still for long... I rushed and then I endend up with bad photos!