Friday, 25 May 2012

daisy jewellery

As well as writing this garden blog I also write a jewellery blog too and on some occasions, the two overlap; during the summer months you will often find me sat at our garden table making jewellery, but sometimes I make jewellery just for fun and today my garden provided the materials, sat on our lawn with my daughter I started picking a few daisies and the inevitable happened  daisy chains.

My beautiful daughter

so if you haven't made any daisy jewellery before you get your mower out sit down on the grass and pick a few of the flowers and have a go

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  1. Hi Angela, I love your post and your daughter is very pretty. I love a daisy lawn but my hubby sees daisies and thinks it is time to get the mower out, oh dear. But I have sat and made daisy chains with my grandchildren, the little ones love it when they are small and just finding out about the world.