Monday, 28 May 2012

waiting for the flowers to grow!!!

I was feeling very radical in the spring and as a result we ripped up the jungle that was once an attractive flower bed and sowed a wild flower mix in its place, the seedlings have appeared and everyday I go out to inspect it, there seem to be a lot of green shoots coming through now, I haven't a clue what they are all it said on the packet was great for attracting butterflies.

So while I am waiting for these to grow and my herbs to burst into sweet smelling flowers the only things settling in our garden are bees and flies, so last night I practised my macro photography, these flies just happened to land near to wear I was sitting - very lazy photography

Lovely aren't they?
If you want something pretty to look at I suggest you scroll down to my previous post instead!

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  1. First of the three insects is a Soldier Beetle (probably Cantharis fusca) - and I think they are pretty!