Saturday, 2 March 2013


It may have felt like a very cold long winter but in a small patch of my garden it has been Spring since October! - that is when these primroses started flowering and they are still in flower now!

My original two clumps of primroses had produced numerous seedlings which were growing up through the 'lawn' I use that word very loosely, anyway early last summer I re -positioned some of these seedlings down one side of our small bank and now I have a wonderful show of pale yellow, this year I will plant up the other side and hope to enjoy a similar success in the Autumn.

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  1. Hi Angela, I must say I truly enjoy your nature shots - even the gruesome harder side of life ones. I have just been browsing some of your posts and thought to let you know how much I am enjoying them.
    Lucky you with your lovely primroses. Spring is on the way for you, we are heading for winter in the south after a lovely summer.