Monday, 26 August 2013

caterpillar heaven

Those who have visited us will know that our garden couldn't exactly be described as immaculate, we do not have neatly cut edges around our lawn which isn't cut as often as many are. We have a very over grown but controlled herb garden predominantly marjoram with a couple of lavenders, chives and rosemary thrown in for good measure. This spring we dug up our old flower bed just leaving our buddleias and re-planted it with half a dozen other bee and butterfly friendly shrubs and to fill in the gaps this year we sowed some wild flower seeds which weren't particularly successful this year so we will have to re -think that for next year.
Alongside our lawn we have a patch of nettles, which we leave for the butterflies and this year we have many peacock butterfly caterpillars feeding on it.

In May I received a selection of herbs including a horseradish - Two weeks ago it looked healthy and stunning - then all of a sudden, this happened - it turns out that horseradish is a tasty herb for large white caterpillars

as is nasturtium

oh well the nasturtiums were coming to the end for this year - and at least I know that we have helped at least two species of butterflies this summer and provided an additional food supply for some of the garden birds too

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