Saturday, 31 July 2010

Even when it is grey and overcast it is worth having a look in your garden to see what is visiting

It has been grey and overcast here in Staffordshire for what seems like ever, I know in June we were all enjoying a fantastic start to the summer, and we have remained fairly warm throughout July, but I am longing for a long sunny day here again now. When it is grey like this you don't particularly feel like spending a lot of time outside, but I have been trying to get out into my garden for an hour or so every day when ever possible, either to do some weeding or to make lavender bottles or sit and make jewellery, today I sat out with my camera to see what would appear!
I knew I wouldn't have to wait long as the lavender is constantly humming with bees and hover flies, at the moment, and now the marjoram is in full bloom and the buddlea has just started to flower there is plenty of nectar sources for butterflies.
So these are just some of the visitors to my garden this afternoon:

These flower heads of some of last years onions which we left in the ground are a magnet for these hover flies.

One comma butterfly visited very briefly 

                                                                Large white butterfly

Small White butterfly


Meadow Brown Butterfly


Micro moth

It is always good to see that the hazel nuts are forming too, just hope we get to them before the squirrels!


  1. Hi Angela, What beautiful photos again. I love the ones of the butterflies. You get such an interesting selection of wildlife. It must be great to enjoy it. Jane xx

  2. Lovely photos and also educational. I had spotted what I thought was a tiny butterfly, only about half an inch wide, today and took a photo intending to ask for help on my blog. You have one on here, it is a micro moth. I had never even heard of those before.